Spidola award in national economy

The “Economists Association 2010” gives the Spidola award in national economy for a person's contribution to the economical freedom increasing in Latvian economics.
The economical freedom increasing stands for:
• Free enterprise and free market expanding in the national economy. Creating of new market institutions and improving the activity of the existent institutions;
• Competition providing and development in certain market sectors and in the national economy by bringing new products and services to the market;
• Individual freedom increasing in economics to raise the level of education, knowledge and skills.
The Spidola award receives an individual person, in exclusive cases it can be presented to a group of people accomplishing a special task.
The Spidola award in national economy is formed as a statuette that reminds directly or associative of the Spidola character.
The award is presented in a special annual ceremony which takes part in November.
“The Economics lecture of the year” has become a welcomed event which supplements the award ceremony with professional economic situation analysis and gives recommendations to further development.

In 2011 the Spidola award went to the Latvian University econometrics Professor Mihails Hazans. The award was given to the winner for important economic researches, in which he used until now in Latvia unused methods to calculate the number of expatriated residents in the last decade. He analyzed the demographic effects on the national development, GDP, population’s age structure, productivity, workforce size and other characteristics.
In 2010 the Spidola award went to Ziedot.lv (charity organization) head Ruta Dimanta. She received the award for the Project „Food Bank”. Rūta gained this acknowledgement for creating a social solidarity system for economically active people affected by the crisis, as a result reducing the necessity of the government to raise the taxes for solving social problems.
In 2009 the award went to the „Latvian timber Federation” President and the JSC "Latvian Plywood "council chairman Juris Biķis. He received the award for lifetime contribution to the professional forestry sector in a competitive development - the success of privatization, in the knowledge-depth based wood processing, new export market development, as well as effective management skills transfer to future generations.
In the year 2008 for the development of new business activities solutions the award was received by the director of the Latvian National opera Andrejs Žagars.
Next year the Spidola award 2007 for the successful promotion of Latvia between dormant investors received the former President of the Latvian Republic Vaira Vīķe Freiberga.
In the year 2006 the award was received by that time "Hansabanka" president Ingrida Bluma for the establishment of a successful, creative and social responsible financial institution.
In the year 2005 the Spidola's award was received by Martin Bertolt Flick, A/S AirBaltic president. Martin Bertolt Flick received the award for direct flights and number of passengers reduplication in the airport „Riga”.
In the year 2004 the Spidola's award was received by two laureates. Former President of the Bank of Latvia Einars Repshe received the award for Lat renovation in Latvia in 1993 and its value further upkeep despite of ineffective political pressure of economical structures.