Latvian economic development monitoring

On 27 August 2013 the Economists Association 2010 and the Society Integration Foundation signed an agreement about the implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014, the program "NGO Fund", the subprogram „NGO Activity Support  Measure"  project “Latvian economic development monitoring", Project No. : 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/093


Latvian economic development monitoring 2015

Latvian economic development monitoring 2014

Latvian economic development monitoring 2013

Project goal:
The goal is to strengthen the capacity of the Association to analyze the country’s economic development and to involve the society, to find solution for problems which are holding back the country’s sustainable development and to contribute to the renewal of trust in the government.

Project key activities:
- Research about the conformity of the decisions of the politicians and the public authorities to the society’s interests, NDP2020, the government declaration, Latvia’s competiveness report and other national planning documents; 
- Consultations between the public authorities and NGO’s about solutions for problems identified in the research; 
- Research works mentoring of the students involved in the project voluntarily – support for original research work themes; 

Project implementation place:
The program will be realized in Riga with activities in the regions.

Project implementation period:
01.07.2013. - 31.12.2015.

The main project activities in 2014:
1. Working Group Seminar - January 
2. Working Group Seminar - February
3. Discussion "Demographic policy and labor market" - April
4. Discussion "Education, science, innovation, investment" - April   
5. Association members’ conference - May
6. Discussion "Trust in the state power and the public good" - June
7. Discussion "EU fund acquisition" - June
8. Working Group Seminar - July
9. Association members’ conference - August    
10. Monitoring progress report - September
11. Working Group Seminar - October
12. Association members’ conference. Latvian economic development monitoring 2014. Results - December

Expected results:
- Systemic mistakes found in the creating of sustainable politics with solution options, discovered with the involvement of the society to create action politics; 
- A proactive interest of the society for a good management implementation in the public authorities;
- Increase of the Association member and cooperation partner number.

Supported by:
The total eligible costs of the project for the entire project implementation period from 01.07.2013 to 31.12.2015 are 46 667.50 LVL. 42 000 LVL or 90% of the total eligible costs are co-financed by the European Social Fund and 4 667.50 LVL are the resources of the project applicant, which represents 10% of the total eligible costs.

For the implementation of the 2013 work plan from 22.07.2013 to 31.12.2013 total eligible granted costs are 9 333.35 LVL , 8 400.02 LVL of which are co-financed by the European Social Fund and 933.33 LVL are the resources of the project applicant.. | |
The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The Program is financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Latvian state.

"Latvian economic development monitoring" is published with the support of the EEZ Financial Mechanism and the Republic of Latvia. The Economist Association 2010 is responsible for the content of the "Latvian economic development monitoring".