In memory of Professor Juris Viksnins

The lectures of the Georgetown University Professor Juris Viksnins have never been boring and pretty often they were even opposed to the traditional teaching methodology.  
Despite the deep encyclopedic knowledge of economic theory, Professor Viksnins used practical examples from different countries experiences in his lectures, speeches and writings.

The ability to link theory with practice is a rare talent and Professor Viksnins was in possession of it in its entirety. 
He used to begin his lecture with a description of an event or an interesting case of a particular country, and only then gave a theoretical explanation of what and why happened, and not otherwise. Listeners never forgot it. Therefore, world-famous corporations, banks and various national governments were always looking for his advice.

Latvia didn’t have to ask for his advice – he came himself to share his knowledge. To share it also with us - the Association members - as his students at the Georgetown University, then later - Latvian politicians, entrepreneurs and colleagues. It wasn’t just an instructive lecture or a fatherly advice; it was a future vision of a wise man. 

His main lesson was – not only to watch, but to see; not just to memorize the correct mathematical formula or to draw diagrams, but also to understand the meaning of the process. Not only to know “what”, but also “how”. 

With truly respect, we will remember your lessons, Juris Viksnins…

Economists Association 2010 members
December 17th 2012