Spidola award in national economy 2012 goes to Roberts Ķīlis

This years Spidola award goes to Roberts Ķīlis. The winner was awarded for the creation of a competitive education vision and the first success in reforming the sector in the high-educational direction.

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There were 4 more candidates nominated for the Spidola award 2012 - Lato Lapsa, Egons Mednis, Vilnis Rantiņš un Andris Vilks. Explaining the choice of the association, its President Ojars Kehris acknowledged the ability of all the candidates to create successful changes in their environment, but the fact, that Roberts Ķīlis received the award, signalizes the importance of reforms in the education system for the Latvian economy.
Roberts Ķīlis received his award on November 15 in a festive ceremony at the Riga Latvian Society House.