The best party programs have Zatler’s Reform Party (Zatlera Reformu partija) and Unity (Vienotība)

The Economists Association 2010 experts found the best two political parties' election programs offered – Zatler’s Reform Party gained 77 out 100 possible points and the Unity - 73.2 points.
After the programs sustainability and content, these parties are followed by the National Alliance (Nacionālā apvienība - 62.3 points), For a Presidential Republic (Par Prezidentālu republiku - 60.9 points), the Social Democrats (LSDSP - 56.6 points), Harmony Centre (Saskaņas centrs - 50.4 points) and the Green and Farmer Union (Zaļu un Zemnieku savienība - 45 points).
Experts asked all the political parties and associations registered for the 11th Parliamentary elections to provide answers to questions which should be tackled in the coming years. Considering the given responses, as well as the sociological survey results the programs of the 5 most popular political forces were evaluated, as well as other parties programs, who answer the questions.

The aim of programs evaluation is to draw the attention of politicians and voters to sustainable community development issues such as community development (health and life expectancy, education, science and research, employment), government budget and finance (fiscal policy, the introduction of euro, the European Union fund use policy) , the rule of state-building (strengthening of the law of power, the judicial system development, good governance) and other national issues.