Spidola award in national economy 2011 goes to Mihails Hazans

Economists Association 2010 this year’s Spidola award went to the Latvian University econometrics Professor Mihails Hazans. The award was given to the winner for important economic researches, in which he used until now in Latvia unused methods to calculate the number of expatriated residents in the last decade. He analyzed the demographic effects on the national development, GDP, population’s age structure, productivity, workforce size and other characteristics.

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Economists Association 2010 President Ojars Kehris, "Professor Mihails Hazans, like Spidola herself, suggests to change the direction in thinking. His studies will serve as a catalyst for discussions not only between academics, but also in the society, and hopefully they will address the statesmen to prepare and make the right decisions."

“The conferment of the Spidola award to an academic reaffirms the long-known fact that the business environment can not go without the academic research and arguments. These are two sectors, which promote a positive growth of the economic environment by complementing and correlating each other,” emphasizes Juris Gulbis, Lattelecom board chairman.

The festive award presentation ceremony was held on November 10th at the Riga Latvian Society House, during which the traditional annual lecture in economics was delivered by the Head of Economics Department of the Stockholm School of Economics Morten Hansen.